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BFG Car Insurance

Who do we cover?

We have special rates for all British Forces Germany and Nato personnel and also insure Expatriates and native people at very competitive premiums.

And what makes our insurance different to the others?

Taking out insurance is as swift as shopping for groceries at the local supermarket in today's world but are you really getting your money's worth and would you also purchase the same product if you knew it does not suit your needs or even worse, it might loose you thousands of Pounds if the worst comes to the worst?

Our key to success - transparency

But should my broker not know what's best for me?

Yes, but unfortunately most of them don't - the majority of the underwriter's representatives who are the ones counter-signing your contract are lacking severe knowledge and you will never know until something really happens!
What's the point of advertising "...years of experience" if vital up-to-date insurance knowledge is nonexistent.

Our definition of Comprehensive

Comprehensive cover is not always comprehensive!

This header seems to be contradictory but comparing insurance products one will soon notice that the meaning of the word "comprehensive" or commonly known as "full insurance" has various interpretations amongst the various insurance companies and their representatives.

An overview of our general benefits:

Cover related benefits:

  • Third Party
  • Partial Risks
  • Fully Comprehensive

Liability Insurance

The basic and mandatory cover of every car insurance. Our benefits:

  • 100 Million Euros lump-sum
  • "Mallorca-Policy"
  • Passenger & Driver Personal Accident insurance
  • Private & Business Usage
  • Integrated Roadside Assistance

Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance

Our Partial Cover includes the following risks and will never affect your No Claims Discount

  • Fire, Explosion, Glass
  • Storm, Flooding, Lightning, Hail, Avalanche
  • Theft, Robbery, Fraud (concealment)
  • Collision with furred game & livestock (horse, cattle, sheep, goat, etc.)
  • Damage caused by a marten
  • Short- circuit caused by faulty or poriferous wiring
  • Premium-free inclusion of vehicle parts & accessories up to 5.000,-€

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

This type of cover contains all benefits of Third Party & Partial Risks, and covers self-inflicted or accidental damages. "Fully Comp" should at least also include these additionals.

  • Vandalism / wilful damages
  • No garage dictation
  • No pegged excesses on high-value cars or young drivers
  • New for Old in the event of a theft within the first 6 months of a brand-new car
  • New for Old in the event of a write- off within the first 18 months of a brand-new car

Special, Optional Fully Comprehensive Benefits

  • FCPlus - Reimbursement of any Depreciation or Lump Sum costs.
    Collision with any animal
  • Rental Car Plus - Reimbursement of the costs for a Rental Car or for the "Loss of Use" (Germany only)

Should there be insufficent liability insurance cover whilst driving a strange vehicle abroad (e.g. rental cars) we will cover the difference
We will grant 1 claim per year without this affecting your No Claims Discount
On changing your vehicle with our company we will grant a special loyality-discount
We will grant extra discount should you hold at least 2 insurance contracts with us