Personal Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance Health Insurance is a legal requirement in Germany, and is fundamentally essential for everyone resident in the country.

As with all insurance products you must be fully aware of the level of cover. Health insurance is very complex especially in Germany, hence this class of business requires professional advice and expertise and trust in your counterpart. We have made it our obligation to provide only high-standard, well-heeled & trustworthy providers and recommend the following:

aLC Global Health Insurance & Allianz Germany Private Health Insurance

Health Insurance for All

Generally speaking we offer health insurance for all kind of residence status and not only in Germany but for clients located all over the world. Regardless if you are: Freelance, an expat (expatriate), self-employed, employed a student or civil-servant, we will provide you with tailored health insurance to meet not only the country's legislation but, more importantly, your exigencies while living abroad.

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance is only available to a restricted group of people. Should you have the good fortune to be eligible you will enjoy more comprehensive cover and preferential service from the people providing treatment (doctors, hospitals, etc.). In addition, firstly, the premium calculations are fairer than the German Statutory Health Insurance system, especially for higher earners as the rates are not based on your income. Secondly, some insurers may also offer bonus-schemes- with money-back guarantee when not making a claim.

Once having experienced being privately insured it is unlikely that you would voluntarily switch to the normal German Statutory Health Insurance or "Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung - GKV"!

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Statutory/ Public Health Insurance - "Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung"

ALL public insurers provide the same benefits and at the same basic rate - some provide additional optional benefits. This is as result of legislation introduced in 2009, which required all public insurers to be ¨non- competitive¨. Previously they were all in competition with each other, offering different rates, different benefits and different standards of service - and there were around 250 Public Health insurers to choose from. The legislation has of course had the effect of reducing the numbers by mergers etc. It is continuing, and the aim is to have only a handful in due course, which will inevitably be the larger and more established providers such as AOK, BEK, DAK, TK, Allianz KKH and a few others.

Public insurance costs are related to salary and currently set at a TOTAL of 15.5% of the gross salary (capped at 3712,50€ per month). The insured pays 8.2% and the employer 7.3%.

Taking out statutory insurance via "KKH-Allianz" will result in a good balance between comprehensive and innovative coverage. Appealing tariffication and their additional range of benefits make their package on the whole a real bargain.