Private House Contents Insurance

Home Contents Insurance. Special Rates for BFG.

Reasons to take out house contents?

In today’s world most households include considerable values such as furniture and fixtures, electrical equipment, clothing, carpets, paintings, jewellery, stocks and bonds, money in cash and many many other assets. As time flies more and more assets accumulate and the importance of financial security for these possessions becomes existential. To protect your belongings you will need sufficient means- one of these is affordable insurance!

Everyone, regardless of age, can suddenly be affected by a loss or damage. Just try to imagine what kind of financial and time-consuming loss even a small fire in your kitchen could cause.
And what many people are not aware of: It not a fire but smoke, smell, contamination and dirt in the entire home, which causes the biggest damages and financial burden. Taking out the right preventive measures for cases like this will save you from being left empty-handed! This is just one realistic reason to protect your possessions with an affordable house-contents insurance.

General contents insurance covers the following risks

Albatross's additional coverage

Have you ever heard of underinsurance?

On taking out house contents insurance your prime target is to evaluate all your possessions as accurate as possible to prevent underinsurance in the event of a total-loss but also to avoid paying a too high premium for something you do not have!

But what is underinsurance and how could it affect a reimbursement?

The basic definition: When the insured sum is lower than the total value of your insured contents.
This means that if e.g. you had a total value of 50.000 but insurance for just 30.000 the insurance company would only reimburse 60% as you have underinsured yourself by 40%.
To prevent this from happening you can agree on 650€ per square meter, also known as "waiver of underinsurance". In this case even if you had underinsured your personal belongings you would still get the full insured amount!

3 tariffs to suit everyones need.

Not only does everyone need a different insured sum but also has different expectations and requirements with respect to benefits and additional services. For this reason you may choice between:

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Increase possible
No hidden night-clause!
Cover is generally in Germany but can be extended for the whole of Europe
Excess inevitable!
Only covered in the event of a public power loss.