Private Legal Insurance

BFG & NATO Legal Insurance

Legal Insurance - Overrated or Neglected?

You will never know until you actual need it but should you ever require legal assistance but failed to insure yourself then please make sure you are in the right and also have plenty of cash for advance payments!
Unfortunately - and especially in Germany - you can get involved in a law suit quicker than you think and for for very petty things. Over 20 million criminal & civilian proceedings are argueed in Germany ever year and the numbers are increasing. Not only are juridical disputes very time-consuming but court and lawyer expenses are exorbitant, not to forget the charges for technical experts, witnesses, down-payments and many many more.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

The majority of legal disputes happen in day-to-day situations: with private contractors, at work, with your neighbour or while behind the steering wheel. There are many different kind of aspects you can get part of a legal trail and not all situations will be important to you. Here is a list of the different types:

Family Private Legal Insurance