Private Family & Single Liability Insurance

BFG Private Family Liability Insurance

Why do you need a Private Liability Insurance?

Liability concerns everyone who can cause damage to a third party, their property or assets. Everyone can have a bad day, is in a hurry, tired, stressed out or might not be as concentrated as needed to be in certain situations– there is always a reason and a mishap will happen quicker than you think. Only small moment of negligence or carelessness can cause huge consequences costing a lot of money, sometimes more than one can afford. Private liability insurance protects you against such financial catastrophes.

And which risks does Liability insurance protect against?

If the claim for indemnification is justifiable, we will take care of the matter and arrange for a quick and unbureaucratic payment within the scope and coverage of the contract. All compensation demands will be dealt wih up to the full amount of the agreed insurance sums. If the claimant is demanding a too high amount or unjustified damages and you therefore are not legally liable for these expenses, we will act on your behalf and enforce your rights, turning down any wrongful claims without any kind of expenses for you.

Expat Private Family Liability Insurance

Damages to a person can be for example:
  • Expenses for medical treatment
  • Loss of earnings
  • Compensation due to pain and suffering
Material damages can include:
  • Cost of repairs
  • Replacement costs
  • Loss of usage
  • Missed profit

And which causes of risks could a person possibly represent?

Insured is your legal liability for any kind of damage to people, property or financial loss, caused privately
up to 10 Million Euros lump-sum, maximum twice this amount per insurance year. This amount can be

Our additional Third Party Liability benefits

Where does Personal Liability Insurance provide cover?

Perpetuity insurance cover in Germany, EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein
and up to 3 years in any other country worldwide.

In the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein coverage is without any time limit.
In all other countries up to a max. of three years.
By German law children are not liabile for any offences up to the age of 7 and while involved in moving traffic or when moving around stationary vehicles (supervision assumed) even up to the age of 12.
e.g. You help your neighbour move houses and accidentally drop his television
This is a very important but mostly forgotten benefit!
Should a third party without sufficient financial liquidity or private liability insurance cause you or your family any kind of loss you can claim for settlement through us!